Provide A Great Mobile Or Desktop Experience With Just One Website

The ever increasing use of mobile devices to access the web should make having a great mobile website a priority for your business. We build all of our websites on mobile responsive layouts and can convert your existing website to a mobile friendly design. Responsive web design differs from other mobile web design options – like an alternate mobile version of a website or programming a mobile app – because it eliminates the need to maintain two different platforms.

Mobile web design layout displayed on a variety of devices.
A responsive website layout adapts to various screen sizes.

A responsive layout provides an optimal viewing experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of panning, zooming and scrolling – across a wide range of devices; from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. About half of all Internet browsing and web search is performed by mobile device users, we make sure they have a great experience visiting your website.

Mobile Web Design Effects Search Engine Ranking

For web searches originating from a mobile device Google’s latest search algorithm rewards mobile friendly websites with higher rankings than non-mobile sites. Another important reason to consider responsive web design for an update or new project. Contact us for an estimate or for further information on improving your mobile presence.