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Website Maintenance

We help organizations by managing their websites. We oversee the functionality of their website, evaluate and manage website performance and develop, maintain and update website content.

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Add New Features

New sections, new pages, photo galleries, maps, contact forms, reCAPTCHA

Website Moving

Transfer ,move ,migrate wordpress or website to another host.


Website Content Updates

Send it over, we’ll post it. Blogs, updates, new employee info. 


Website Optimization

caching plugins, file compression, clean data base, adjust hosting settings, remove unneeded WordPress Plugins

Website Fixes

Broken links, typos, missing images, slow websites


Website SSL Certificates

We can select and install the appropriate SSL Certificate for your website.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

We make sure your website is protected, updated, maintained and backed up.

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We created our website maintenance plans to ensure our clients security. While doing that we found out there was another need for our clients once a site went live, maintenance and optimization.

Once a website is live, it’s not only important to protect its security, it’s also important to keep the software in the site updated and make sure the site as a whole is running quickly and efficiently.

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