SeaTools for DOS Hangs Loading FreeDos Fat Kernel

by | Oct 6, 2013

Attempting to run SeaTools DOS on Dell computer with BIOS version A16 resulted in SeaTools hanging at FreeDos Fat Kernel load. To fix this go into the BIOS and and disable the Onboard 1394 Controller.

BIOS > Advanced Chipset Features > Onboard 1394 Controller


  1. philll713

    hi I have no Advanced Chipset Features option in BIOS (I have inspiron 1545) and I am stuck on FreeDos screen and nothing happens and I know that I have seatools recorded on usb correctly does anybody know what to do ?

    • Dan Burhans

      Sorry, philll713, my post was specific to bios version A16. A couple of ideas though:

      Locate bios version, Google “SeaTools FreeDos Fat Kernel load hangs bios version *” no quotes.

      Try burning SeaTools to CD and running it that way, USB controllers can sometimes be problematic pre-boot.

  2. philll713

    Hi Dan, thank you for response, I know, my laptop has bios v. A14. I don’t know what did you mean by “Locate bios version”. I am googling since yesterday and haven’t found solution yet ….I just wanna use seatools to try heal bad sectors on hdd. I also tried to use spinrite software but again same situation happened like with seatools – it just won’t load. I tried to set hdd in bios off from sata but in my bios I have only 3 options: ahci, ata and to disable sata. And unfortunately my dvd mechanic doesn’t work so my only option is to use usb. So if you have any more ideas I will try.

  3. Dan Burhans

    By “locate bios version” I meant check to see what bios version your machine is running, which you’ve done.

    Check this forum post out:

    The key for me and for the guy writing to the forum was to use the “old school” bios settings for the hard drive and other features, as DOS can’t handle some of the newer option settings.

    Suggest you change your bios hard drive settings and run SeaTools again. Try ata mode and disable SATA. My guess is you don’t want to use achi when running SeaTools.

    Note your current bios settings and return them to original after running SeaTools.

    Good luck – let me know what happens.

    P.S. You may want to post your problem to Tom’s Hardware, a lot of knowledgeable helpful people over there.

  4. philll713

    Oh sorry I forgot to write previously that I tried to boot with every option, disabled enabled, ahci, ata…. my pc just seem to doesn’t care it was still the same “FreeDos” tried more times. But I’ll try too.

    • Dan Burhans

      No problem. Sorry those bios options didn’t work for you.

      Good luck at Tom’s. Please post back if you come upon a solution, you might be able to help a future reader of this thread.

  5. philll713

    Ok, I will. Thank You for your help and time, I appreciate it.

    • Dan Burhans

      You’re welcome and thanks for liking my Facebook page.

  6. philll713

    WOW so what is funny is that I found the solution when I wasn’t actually looking …so here it is shortly in steps:
    1. download YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator ( )
    2. quick format empty usb flash drive with NTFS format
    3. run YUMI, select the drive letter of your usb, in the box below go to option: try an unlisted ISO( boot from Ram), select ISO file and click CREATE

    That’s it, than just go to the bios use ATA setting and boot seatools from usb

    here is the site where I found it

    • Dan Burhans

      Glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  7. mkboot

    If you need to make an ISO image to load server or workstation from it (usually from media-over-ip) you can use online service

    FreeDos will be installed by default. You need to upload only files wich you need to see after boot from ISO.


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